The 20/80 Theory:

  1. Reality – companies spend more than 80% of their time collecting data and re-building models, and only have less than 20% of the time performing analysis and generating reporting packages.
  2. AdaptivePro – we will flip the ratio to allow companies to spend less than 20% of their time gathering good data and refreshing the pre-built models, and use more than 80% of the time performing in-depth analysis to generate insightful financial reports for management.

Having over 9 years of Adaptive project management and implementation success, and over 12 years of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) experience, we only provide the best solutions to our customers to improve financial planning efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

The AA Solutions:

  1. Adaptive Suite – the best SaaS applications for financial planning and analysis, reporting, consolidation, and business intelligence‎.
  2. AdaptivePro Process – the most efficient financial planning process based years experience in different industries.

The 6D Services Methodology:

  1. Discuss client needs, objective, and Adaptive Insights advantages
  2. Define project requirements, scope of work, expectations, deliverables, approach, and project timeline
  3. Design project plan, framework, structures, dataflow, and models
  4. Develop implementation process to carry out project tasks from input to output
  5. Deploy methods and models along with parallel testing
  6. Deliver solutions and knowledge through users training and support


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